Terms & Conditions at Fast KK Carpet Clean

Terms & Conditions of Fast KK Carpet CleanFor a copy inside our complete Terms & Conditions of cleaning services, please contact the office.

Fast KK Carpet Clean presents a trained cleaning service, these terms and conditions relate to any service booked with us online and by the phone. On occasion we might change or make some adjustments to the terms and conditions but the changes will only be applicable to new contracts not to current ones.

Our cleaning services might be obtained by telephone, e-mail and fax or online and also the client confirms to become aware by these kinds of issues along with problems:

1. The consumer must permit the cleaner to use hot water and electricity. All fragile as well as delicate objects need to be secured or removed.

2. Fast KK Carpet Clean is protected by public liability cover and we’ll manage most claims, which can be efficiently knowledgeable in order to us all based on these terms and conditions.

3. Our cleaning company will offer everybody cleaning materials as well as belongings but there might any kind of surcharge in the event of require pertaining to focused assets. We will quote individually with this.

4. Carpet cleaning – the carpet cleaners will not liable for the removing of old/permanent stains, which aren’t capable of being taken off making use of normal carpet cleaning methods. You will be warned of this at the begging of the cleaning session.

5. End of tenancy cleaning: Except stated at the beginning of the session the typical end of tenancy cleaning service will not include cleaning of the walls, roofs, outdoor windows, balconies, porches, carpets, upholstery. Not will it ingest cleaning of dishes and laundry. Should further services be needed, we will estimate for them separately. It is an issue relating to the tenancy cleaning that the property should be evacuated before the cleaning begins.

6. 50 % of the quoted value is going to be billed during the reservation. The customer can terminate or even rearrange every service by providing at the very least 24 hours notice in case we aren’t notified about special event no refund will probably be given from your devote. Our cleaning firm has the right to cost annulment payment of approximately 100% of the cited fee for the reserved cleaning service.

7. The client agrees to examine the work without delay right after the cleaning has ended. The cleaner will surely accomplish such extra operate practically important in case your buyer is still not necessarily fulfilled the customer should really alert the cleaning company in writing right away by just effecting the particular slip reproduced beneath as well as handing that for the cleaner.

8. The total quantity must be paid straight to the cleaner or to the cleaning company over the telephone beforehand the cleaner has departed the house.

Public Feedback

In accordance with legal advice obtained, you are strictly warned to refrain from placing any negative reviews on any social networking sites in the public forum, alternatively we will have no choice but to also pass the matter to our solicitors in regards to pursuing the issue of defamation.

We trust that we have made our position abundantly clear and reserve the right to recover any interest accrued and legal costs if necessary.

For further information about our services, contact us on 020 3912 1195 or email us.